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Not all holistic-nutritional doctors will have the same methods when it comes to healing and curing the body! What the successful therapies have in common is removal of all animal and processed products and prescribing organic fruits and vegetables and in smaller amounts, grains and legumes.
Some holistic nutritional doctors will prescribe synthetic vitamins. I am leaning towards a complete natural approach as demonstrated by Charlotte Gerson, Dr Joel Robbins, Dr Normal Walker MD, Dr Gabriel Cousens MD, etc. The amazing results seen during their therapies is a proof that people are still biological beings and as such are incompatible with synthetic elements! They do, however use supplements in certain cases. Their supplements are holistic - derived from whole organic fruits and vegetables. They do not contain synthetic material nor are they chemically produced.

Dr Michael Klaper MD
Excellent lecture about food and harmful effect of meats and dairy. It is short and even fun! Great speaker!

PART 1 (10 min)  


PART 2 (10 min)

View all 6 parts on You Tube

In order to view a whole 58min video, go to Google Videos here.

Dr Joel Robbins MD
He was completely disappointed with a modern medicine. He wanted to truly help his patients, not in suppressing of the symptoms but in healing, curing and restoring their bodies. He obtained degrees in chiropractic (DC), clinical nutrition, naturopathy(ND) and doctor of medicine (MD). Dr. Robbins has been operating his Health and Wellness practice in Tulsa, OK since 1978.

TOXIC COLON - where all problems begin!
PART 1 (4 min)

 PART 2 (6 min) 

We are constipated unless we go 3x a day! Each person living in 
a modern society will have to some degree a toxic colon!

Dr T. Colin Campbell Phd
For more than forty years, Dr. T. Colin Campbell has been at the forefront of nutrition research. His legacy, the China Project, is the most comprehensive study of health and nutrition ever conducted.  Dr. Campbell is the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University. He has more than seventy grant-years of peer-reviewed research funding and authored more than 300 research papers and coauthor of the bestselling the book, The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health. (available on Amazon.com)


Meat and dairy cause cancer - THE CHINA STUDY (45min) 
This is a very informative and detailed lecture!

Article contains:
- "Dangers of dairy" (what dairy contains, health hazards of those toxins and eczema)
- "Say NO! to Whey protein" (relationship between this protein and MS and diabetes 1)
- "Pus mustache - Marketing milk and disease" ("GOT MILK?")
-  below you will find extensive sources of this information (books, articles, researches, itd)

Dr McDougall MD   
At age 60 he is healthier than he was at age 18 or 22!

His story (2 min)
growing up, eating habits and a new step!


(on YouTube)
DANGER OF DAIRY PRODUCTS  (1hr) excellent lecture on harmfulness of these products, what kind of researches have been done, who financed them and how they mislead public!
GLADIATORS WERE VEGAN (5 min) Interesting discovery after analyzing the gladiators' bones!


Wonderful interview with this holistic doctor, who is also world known expert for natural, living food, health and author of many books. He claims that if we eat less calories we will live longer . The more living, raw foods we eat, the more nutrients our bodies will have! The more we cook our food, the less nutrients we will consume and our life will be shorter. If we eat a lot of animal products we will develop degenerative disease.

Their website http://www.gerson.org/
Frequent questions http://www.gerson.org/faq.htm

Dr Max Gerson MD and his daughter Charlotte Gerson
Based on my research, this is one of the first therapies (if not the very first one) to cure the incurable diseases! It is based on facts, study cases and many success stories from over 60 years of practice! Charlotte is a daughter of a well known genius doctor, Max Gerson, a true pioneer of holistic medicine who cured himself of chronic migraines by experimenting with dietary restrictions. His experiments extended on other willing people and he soon began to observe the power of living foods, fresh squeezed juices on the body. Many diseases went away.... most types of cancer, MS, Hepatitis, diabetes, psoriasis, lupus, eczema, celiac disease, etc This therapy soon became integrated in other alternative therapies. 
Below are 4 lectures in which she introduces her father's work and what the therapy is all about. She focuses on cancer, but the method is almost the same for all diseases - detoxification and organic fresh squeezed juices.

(if the links do not work, go to Google or Google Videos and type in "Gerson Therapy tape 1" and you will get the first part. All other parts are there.)

many people like coffee enemas but they do not approach the cleansing in a holistic way. Charlotte Gerson warns people - we must drink 2-3 glasses of fresh organic vegetable juices per 1 coffee enema! Coffee will pull a lot of toxins out of liver (it stimulates the bile duct to release the a lot of bile) and if we do not replace the liquid we can face an imbalance of electrolytes. Coffee enemas are not harmful at all if done right, observing a whole body, not only one part.
If you have any questions, please write them. The email is on their website above.

If you wish to purchase coffee for enema, I included a link on the right side of the blog - S. A. Wilsons is the best company for that purpose. They produce coffee specifically for enemas! You can also buy any organic clean black coffee from your supermarket. I like Newman's coffee, I find it cleaner. We must make sure we do not put any chemicals in the colon!

 In the therapy they use Norwalk juicer. It is the best one there is. It is also very expensive. I found that Omega 8005 juicer, which also works on the press principle is quite good and by far less expensive ($250). I own one and I love it. It preserves the enzymes and it is very easy to use and clean. 

Another Pioneer of nutritional medicine who cured diseases in the early years of the 1900s. He also lived what he preached - he was a great advocate for juicing! He cured himself from a terrible disease (cancer) when he was a young man and thanks to his healthy lifestyle of juicing, he lived to be 104 and full of life and vitality until his last breath!
He witnessed over 100 000 colon abductions and concluded that only 10% of those colons were normal!

http://www.vitaminb17.org/about_dr_walker.htm - His article about food, detoxification, health. Short and to the point!

http://www.vitaminb17.org/walker_books.htm - List of his books! Recommended!

about the difference between meat eaters and man.